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Summer is a time to rejoice. Playing basketball on the beach or surfing in the sea while dressed up in fancy dresses with flowers, caps, and sunglasses, is fun. Nior had thrown a beach party as part of the summer celebration. Let us illuminate the event organized by the South Asian hub of Remark LLC, USA, Remark HB LTD in Dhaka, focusing on NIOR’s voyage as a prominent American brand in the field of Color Cosmetics and Skincare.

Nior Summer feast- 2022 was hosted in the R Banquet Hall of the Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel in Bangladesh with a spectacular ramp show in the eye-catching auditorium. This event was intended to encourage distributors to promote this authentic American brand throughout the country. At the glamorous show, celebrities, distributors, influencers, and other high-profile personnel from related fields were present. The presence of US Embassy personnel throughout the event made it even more impactful.

Ashraful Ambia, Managing Director of Remark, initiated the event with a welcome speech. He stated that “Nior is a prominent player in the cosmetics sector in several countries worldwide. He displayed his confidence that Nior would alleviate in Bangladesh if everyone worked together, especially the recognized distributors. He also added that Nior is one of the world’s leading skincare brands. This brand is playing an important role in the skincare industry in different parts of the world. Remark has organized the event to further spread its products in the Bangladeshi market. With everyone’s cooperation and blessing, Nior will spread quickly in Bangladesh. Due to the increase in global demand for its products, Nior has taken the initiative to set up a factory in Bangladesh to meet domestic and foreign needs. With the highest technology possible, this will be the largest setup in South Asia.”

Mr. Syed Ershad Ahmed, President of the American Chamber of Commerce, graced the event as the chief guest. He applauded Remark’s strong marketing strategy for promoting Nior. He said, “Nior is a popular and well-known color cosmetics brand. This popularity has been possible due to the superior quality of Nior cosmetics combined with regular research and cutting-edge technology. Every year during US trade shows, we see Nior’s stalls overflowing with crowd.”

Renowned make-up artist Shahida Ahsan showcased the color cosmetics collection of Nior and expressed her appreciation for this brand as a make-up trainer. Alongside her was prominent dermatologist, Dr. Sharmina Huq, who introduced Nior’s premium skincare line and emphasized the importance of product safety for healthy and beautiful skin.  Furthermore, she highlighted the product’s excellence and affirmed the brand’s safety.

For over 25 years, this reputed cosmetics brand has been tied to showbiz stars in Bangladesh. Remark also welcomed well-known celebrities, Ferdous, Opu Biswas, Emon, and Nirob, to the show. Each celebrity appreciated Nior’s journey down the generations while wishing the brand’s prosperity and growth.

Mizanur Rahman, Remark’s President of Marketing, was also present at this event. He thanked everyone and said, “We are also part of the global popularity of Nior. Our partnership is getting stronger. Although Nior is a premium product, we will strive to make it affordable and budget-friendly for the masses. In addition to Nior’s global prominence, Remark is devoted to bringing it to the nooks and crannies of the country.” The presence of US Embassy officials throughout the program made the program more interesting. They are very optimistic about the popularity of Nior in Bangladesh, like in many other countries around the world. The event was organized by Remark to further spread its products in the Bangladeshi market. The event ended with a spectacular fashion show and dinner. Fashion enthusiasts also lauded the event on social media to congratulate Nior for its spectacular journey. The event included a lively summer fashion show and dinner for distinguished guests.

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